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How to open a nursing home business in India

Meaning of Nursing Home:

Nursing Home means any premises utilized or expected to be utilized for the gathering of people experiencing any ailment injury or sickness and the giving of treatment and nursing to them also, incorporates a maternity home, and the articulation ‘continue nursing home intends to get people in a nursing home for, any of the aforementioned purposes and to give treatment or nursing for them.

Procedure for registration of Nursing Home:

Any individual proposing to carry on a nursing home shall make an application to the directing position in Form ‘B’ in any event one month before the date on which he expects to carry on such a nursing home. The managing authority will, whenever fulfilled that there is no issue with enrollment, register the candidate and issue to him, an endorsement of enrollment in form C

Documents required for new Nursing Home registration and renewal (in Delhi, please reach out to us for any other location):

1. Form B available on the website of (or any other state website).

2. Documents pertaining to ownership: affidavit, pan card, partnership deed, MOA or AOA, certificate of incorporation.

3. Documents regarding land or premises: sale deed, rent agreement of 5 years, lease deed

4. Building plan sanctioned by the local authority

5. Type of colony along with a copy of taxes paid to the authority

6. Affidavit of 100rs regarding the cleanliness of surroundings along with the photographs of all the open side of a nursing home.

7. Layout plan

8. Running in residential plot submit an affidavit on rs 100 regarding the building or premises are conforming to the land use as per master plan Delhi, 2021.

9. Information regarding rooms and wards

10. Information regarding operation theatre and labor room

11. Delhi Jal board water bills

12. Information regarding health, clothing and sanitary requirement of staff

13. List of emergency drugs, equipment along with AMC/CMC

14. List of residential medical officer and consultant along with DMC (Delhi medical council) registration certificate

15. List of nurses along with Delhi nursing council registration certificate

16. List of facilities and certificates

17. Agreement with the agent authorized by DPCC for biomedical waste disposal

18. Authorization from DPCC for biomedical waste disposal

19. Effluent treatment plants or sewage treatment plants from DPCC

20. Information of linen and laundry and copy of the agreement with a laundry vendor

21. Authorization from DPCC for DG set

22. Fire safety clearance NOC

23. Certificate from structure engineer

24. Certificate from high end radiological diagnostic services

25. Information regarding medical termination pregnancy and preconception and prenatal diagnostic technique registration

26. Information regarding the schedule of charges

27. Details of ambulance and types

28. Undertaking regarding not carrying out any research work in a nursing home

29. Affidavit on rs 100 that nursing home shall not refuse to treat an injured person due to any reason whatsoever.

30. Undertaking regarding the requisite qualification of medical and paramedical staff

31. A sample copy of the following: hospital letterhead, company letterhead, prescription slip,

32. Copy of last registration certificate

Government Fees:

1. 02 to 10 beds: RS 2000 + RS 100 for from B

2. 11 to 30 beds: RS 3000 + RS 100 for from B

3. More than 30 beds: RS 3000 + RS 100 PLUS RS100 for additional beds

Licenses required for Nursing Home:

1. Land and development

A Hospital could be set up just on a no-Agriculture land that could be utilized. The various endorsement, just as authorizations required from the neighborhood authority and the legislature, ought to be gotten before beginning any emergency clinic.

2. Power and water

An emergency clinic needs roughly 100 liters of water for every bed every day. The water necessary for the different clinics would be unique in relation to extending dependent on whether the emergency clinic is an essential, specific medical clinic, and so on. The concerned city authority consent ought to be acquired for making accessible the water just as power offices.

3. Sewage

Very much arranged sterile measures for removal of waste just as seepage framework which incorporates tanks, pipelines, and so on and authorization from the neighborhood specialists ought to be acquired.

4. Biomedical Waste

The enormous emergency clinics must have an incinerator for removal of bio-removal squander, for example, body parts or tissues. A little medical clinic can’t bear the cost of such expense and it needs least space and extra hardware establishments which are costly for a little emergency clinic set up. The Municipal enterprise consent would likewise be required for such removal of waste and it must not be hurtful to the individuals living at a close-by area.

5. Fire and Health License

Endorsement of the Fire Department is required for a huge emergency clinic just as a health certificate from the nearby authority after the establishment of a considerable number of beds and gear inside the Hospital. A NOC from Fire the office will likewise be required for little emergency clinics and it would be the duty of the medical clinic the executives to demonstrate that the medical clinic would not cause any damage or death toll and requires to be obtained from the neighborhood metropolitan gathering.

6. Guidelines identifying with Employment of Staff:

a. Work of representatives (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists) simply after legitimate credentialing.

b. The anticipation of the lewd behavior of ladies representatives at the work environment.

c. Duty of the business for the security of workforces.

d. Rules overseeing the work of staff.

e. Vaccination/different measures for the security of staff from Occupational Health perils.

7. Sign Boards

Rules for the size, a substance just as the right spot for billboards (IMC Regulations 2002)

8. Data that requires be shown at the Hospital are:

a. Authentication of enrollment of emergency clinic with the city specialists IMC/SMC

b. enrollment endorsement (IMC Regulations, 2002)

c. Charges for discussion just as different methodology/administrations (IMC Regulations 2002)

d. Facility timings, shut days

9. FSSAI permit for working a kitchen

FSSAI license comes under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The permit is vital if the emergency clinic runs an in house kitchen for the patients just as chaperons.

10. Grant to store LPG chamber

On the off chance that the emergency clinic store has an LPG chamber in an enormous amount for utilization in the medical clinic’s Kitchen or clinic purposes, the clinic must have a license of Controller of Explosives under the Petroleum demonstration, 1934.

11. Drug store enrollment for a clinical shop

This goes under the Office of the Drug Controller. There are various licenses for clinical shops appended to emergency clinics (IP) and independent clinical shops. There are the least necessities for the enlistment like the base size of the shop ( 250 – 300 ft) just as prerequisites of Air conditioner and Refrigerator. This permit is substantial for a long time.

12. Trademark enrollment

Indian Trademarks Act 1999 is certifiably not a required movement and is basically just if the medical clinic needs to trademark its logo or name

13. Vehicle enlistment for ambulances

The emergency vehicle purchased by the medical clinic must be enrolled under RTO, Transport Department, and state government.

14. Arms licenses under arms act 1959

In the event that arms are controlled by the medical clinic or its workers (for instance by security monitors), a permit for the equivalent ought to be accessible

15. Arranging the Hospital Infrastructure

a. Capabilities of Doctors just as their enrollment numbers

b. Working hours for Nurses just as their day of work timings.

c. Clinical hardware just as instruments bought

d. PCs just as other equipment gadgets set up

e. Architects just as staff required for support, plumbing, clinical gas pipelines, cooling, and so on.

16. The other significant permit required is:

a. Guidelines Building Permit and Licenses (From the Municipality)

b. No complaint authentication from the Chief Fire Officer “Permit under Bio-Medical Management and Handling Rules, 1998.

c. No complaint authentication under the Pollution Control Act.

d. Opiates and Psychotropic substances Act, 1985

e. Vehicle Registration Certificates (For all clinic vehicles.)

f. Nuclear vitality administrative body endorsements (For the basic office of radiology dept, TLD identifications, and so forth)

g. Boilers Act, 1923(If appropriate)

h. MTP Act, 1971 (MTP represents Medical end of pregnancy. To be shown in the Gynaec and Obs division)

i. Permit for the Blood Bank (To be shown in the Blood Bank)

j. Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994(If appropriate)

k. PNDT Act, 1996 (PNDT represents Prenatal diagnostics test. To be shown in the Radiology division this is followed. )

l. Dental specialist Regulations, 1976

m. Medications and Cosmetics Act, 1940

n. Power Act, 1998

o. ESI Act, 1948 (For contract workers)

p. Condition Protection Act, 1986

q. Deadly Accidents Act 1855

r. Gatekeepers and Wards Act, 1890

s. Indian Lunacy Act, 1912 (Applicable in particular if a Psychiatry dept is there in the medical clinic)

t. Indian Nursing Council Act 1947 (Whether medical attendants are enrolled with NCI).

u. Additionally one must check whether drug specialists are enrolled with the Pharmacy Council of India.)

v. Bug sprays Act, 1968

w. Outcasts Act Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

x. Least wages act, 1948 (For contract workers)

y. Drug store Act, 1948

z. SC and ST Act, 1989, Security of Human Rights Act, 1993, Enlistment of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, Urban Land Act, 1976, Right to Information Act 2005.


Siddharth Dalmia, the Startup Sherpa


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