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Startup ideas of the week part 4

Digital Estate Planning and dead man's crypto conundrum

When a person dies in a family, the family is not aware of where to find his/her documents, investment records, or any other document. It is also difficult for the person’s family to transfer these assets.

There seems to be no available application in which an individual is able to share/manage his/her all finances and documents. Twice/ thrice a year, the family gets together and explains to each other where all the assets and insurances are. Most of the time, when in need, it becomes cumbersome to locate these documents.

Startup Sherpa has created blue prints for such solution that the startups might request by contacting us.

Total unclaimed assets are worth

INR 142 thousand crores and it does not include the assets claimed through frauds!

An application that stores all the data of an individual and the individual is able to share/manage all his data with respect to his assets, investments, insurances, personal identity data, and testamentary data with his/her loved ones or any other person would solve the given problem statement. They are able to make all the necessary payments on one platform.

Audio SEO is the future

Audio content is growing at a tremendous rate, much faster than the websites did in 2000s. In the last year, the number of podcasts increased from 38 million to 48 million. And people listening to such podcasts is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

The way the audio content is found on the web is fundamentally different from how the written content is found on the web. Therefore, traditional SEO techniques will become obselete in face of the growing podcast market.

For example, most of Google's 200+ ranking factors for websites (e.g., choice and use of keywords, number of page links, etc.) don't apply to audio content, unless it's transcribed.

Audio SEO — how well audio content ranks on search engines is set to follow in the footsteps of the traditional SE0 industry, which has ballooned to -$80 billion in just 25 years. As audio search engines emerge, there will be opportunities to build tools and platforms to support the new industry, including consulting services, tools for creators and features augmenting content.

Longetivity and D2C Biohacking

Investment and interest in longetivity has continued to increase with subreddits for r/Biohackers and r/longetivity showing exponential growth figures.

Humans have always dremt of immortality but before that 'Biohacking' will come- that would include optimizing and upgrading peoples mind and body. The ambit of this term is quite expansive that would include sleep tracking to transfusing blood from a young one to an old one.

This industry, in the near future might produce tremendous opportunities in D2C market. We've already seen this on a small scale with personalized D2C vitamins (a la Care/of), DIY at-home health tests (a la Everlywell), and Soylent meal replacements. But companies like The ODIN are taking it one step further with products like their DIY Bacterial Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit, which sells for $169 online.

As this industry gains traction, there will be ancilliary opportunities available in this domain:

  • Consulting: Regulation of this fledgling industry is opaque. But it will come under scrutiny as it evolves, presenting opportunities for specialized legal and regulatory consulting services.

  • Telehealth platforms: Imagine a Hims of longevity. There will be opportunities to create telehealth platforms that give people convenient access to prescription therapies and products with potential longevity benefits.

  • Partnerships: Similar to Airbnb's partnership with 23andMe to provide unique heritage tours ("travel as unique as your DNA"), there will be opportunities to partner with D2C biohacking products to create personalized experiences (e.g., biohacking retreats).

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