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TheIndianLeague (“TINDL”)- Redefining the world of (e)sports

1. Indian Market Leader: Introducing the state-of-art blockchain solutions for (e)sports industry.

2. Powered through NFTs: Mint, sell, and purchase the NFTs, play play-to-earn games or just collect the fan tokens

3. Give visibility to the teams at club/ local level and bring in more money and entertainment to the industry through active fan engagement.


For the first time in human history, humans are able to truly own assets over the internet without any intervention from humans. This is a revolution, and that is why we are seeing hype around it with NFTs selling for millions of dollars. Using smart contracts and NFT technology, we would gamify the industry and gauge the fans and speculators at a single platform.


The primary mission of our platform is to create a platform to facilitate the trading of virtual and real (e)sports assets through tokenization. This would be achieved through the integration of games (imagine dream 11 using NFT card collectables), NFT collectables (the sports moments that you can own forever through pictures, videos, memorabilia, cards, skins, or real-world merchandise), and community/ team management through fans (Imagine a whole DAO owning an IPL team and we act as facilitators for decision making).

Our offerings:

1. The collectable NFTs

2. Club or other fan (governance) tokens

3. Staking (incentivise long term engagement on our platform)

The TINDL protocol would be used to create NFTs and tokens representing any real or digital assets. Some of the use cases for our platform would be as follows:

1. Cards: These cards would capture the special photos of athletes. These cards would later be used for playing the online fantasy league. These cards would be in different classes, and fantasy league teams would be curated using the cards.

2. Special moments: Remember Yuvaraj hitting 6 sixes against Finch? Or Sachin hitting the first ever 200 runs in one-day? Or Kohli hitting a century after 3-years? These moments would be captured and these memorable NFTs could be owned by fans. These NFTs would be interoperable and would be integrable with certain metaverse platforms such as Sandbox/ Decentraland.

3. Merchandise (Digital and real world): We would provide a simple platform for purchasing authentic merchandize of your favourite team (it could be a local club, IPL team or Indian team) or digitized version of the same to show-off in the metaverse (digital fashion industry).

4. Tickets: The NFTs would be used as tickets for exclusive events, practice, rehearsal or games. You could also come up with fan meet and greet events and the NFTs would be used as tickets for the same. These NFTs could have a certain validity period, and various other restrictions could be put on such NFTs so that they are not easily transferable (illiquid) or require KYC.

5. Fans tokens: These tokens can be considered akin to governance tokens. These would be used for DAO or having ‘ownership’ in the company in a compliant manner. These tokens could be player based or team based or maybe event-based (imagine IPL token). These tokens would be used to vote for various decision-making processes using DAO infrastructure. The value of these tokens could also be traded between fans or speculators which would make the market very liquid and the business model scalable. We will not get into the technology and implementation of the same which is outside the scope of this paper (although we could burn a certain number of tokens with every transaction that would create scarcity). This would help increase fan engagement and give meaningful interaction to the fans with clubs. These tokens would also be used for purchasing limited edition NFTs, exclusive VIP experiences (for example dinner with your favourite team player), exclusive events etc.

The token rights cannot be listed exhaustively, but some of them could be as follows:

a. Designing: What would be the primary colour of the club? How would jersey design look? Who would be the mascot?

b. Player drafting: Certain say while drafting the players as to who would be on the squad, and who gets to play (only limited non-absolute rights).

c. Governance: How the club is run, feedback, practice sessions, the games to be played etc.

d. Partaking rights on the profits generated by the club.

e. We’ll use popular demand to show potential partner teams just how much appetite there is for their Fan Tokens. We want you to help us convince your favourite team to join TINDL.

The fan token would be issued using the following mechanisms:

a. Launchpad: The relevant entity would be given a platform to launch the tokens, and this platform would be used for the purchase of tokens at an entry price. This is akin to IPO/ ICO but specific to (e)sports and compliant with the Indian regime.

b. Dexs: The transactions would be facilitated either through API integration with DeXs and/or fiat. The DeXs listing would make the business model scalable, and decentralized and would ensure a better experience for technology enthusiasts.

6. Communities: Facilitating community building through easy Telegram/ Discord integration.

7. Gamification:

a. TINDL Fans: Participate in polls & redeem rewards with $TINDL Fan Tokens.

b. Badges and Levelups: Engage with your favourite teams on platform to earn XP points, loyalty TINDL tokens, discounts and collect badges. These could be redeemed or you could get explicit benefits (higher XPà faster access to exclusive events/ merch).

c. Predictions/ Trivia: Predict the scores for the team you hold the tokens of, get XP.

8. We would be building infrastructure to facilitate NFT-based transactions, and the infrastructure would have the following components:

a. Marketplace: We would be creating a marketplace for trading NFTs which would be something like Opensea or Looksrare. This marketplace would also list real-world assets.

b. Mint: Providing infrastructure for publishing a unique digital asset on a blockchain so that it can be bought, sold, and traded.[1]

c. NFT issuers: We would be categorizing verified (clubs/ relevant entities), and non-verified (fans) accounts that mint the NFTs.

d. Rarity index: We would be creating a rarity score for scoring NFTs and/ or real-world collectables and assets.

e. Ranking: We would be creating the algorithms to rank the assets, communities and people to see whether these people are trustable.

9. Staking: Creating a staking infrastructure for people to stake NFTs and tokens to get passive returns and rewards. This also provides liquidity and ensure customer tie-ins. There would be different asset stakings that would include:

a. NFTs: Use the NFTs to build your dream team, stake it and earn token rewards. Alternatively, lend your cards and earn passive yields.

b. Pooling NFTs: If creating a team is too expensive, we will provide pooled NFT platform where you would be able to collaborate with other users to form your dream team and participate in tournaments. It will ensure that even the people who have low ticket size would be able to participate in the tournaments. Or if you trust someone else’s decision, you can yield from those decisions.

c. Liquidity Pool farming: Stake NFTs and tokens for passive yields.

The pools would have different properties and categories. Some of them are as follows:

a. Choose the pool: Each pool would be different and you would choose which pool you want to be part of. The yield and the time period of each pool would be different so ensure making the decisions accordingly. The amount that the user would get would be based on the following formula:

Periodic amount received* amount staked/ total amount staked in the pool

b. Choose the asset to stake: Choose the pool to stake. You would need to connect your digital wallet such as metamask and choose assets such as token/ NFTs. It needs to be clarified that only the virtual assets would be staked.

c. People made pools: You could put your assets in the pool made by people who could play the game of skills offered over the platform. The performance of each of these pools would vary according to the performance.

10. TINDL economy: TINDL token would be imperative part of the NFT platform. TINDL would be used for the following:

a. TINDL is a utility token that would be used to mint the NFT and/or make the purchases on the platform. TINDL would be used to list/ buy or auction the NFTs on the marketplace. Every digital/ real asset would be purchased using these tokens or would be incentivised using these tokens.

b. Staking rewards: Everyone receives the rewards in the form of TINDL tokens.

c. DAO: These tokens would be governance for TINDL DAO. TINDL token holders would have full authority to make the platform decisions and get a share in the profits. People would also be able to vote on business, trading fees, new features and other issues.


To find the summary of the same, you could also refer to the power point presentation which also elaborates on the technicalities.

The TheIndianLeague Token (TINDL)
Download PPTX • 2.67MB

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