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Understanding WealthIsle Ecosystem

We have busy lifestyles, and we don’t always have time to examine every new project(s) in the Defi space make our investment decisions. DeFi, pays off high and consistent yields for those who understand how to make the most of it. As a result, it makes sense for investors to pool their funds and fund a research team to make these investments on their behalf. This allows them to get high yields without having to study and research all day.

Rome was not built in a day and we understand neither would WealthIsle. The WealthIsle ecosystem isn’t in it for the fast money. We’re not planning for a week or a month, but for several years, until the time Defi and blockchain ecosystem exists. You may see how a $1 million treasury will perform with various daily rates of return in the table below, and you can determine the sustainability for yourself. To put this in context, the world’s total wealth is estimated to be over $400 trillion, with approximately $2 trillion in cryptocurrency.

What your $ 1 million investment looks like

As you can see, competitors who pay 10% will either provide you 300,000 times the total wealth of the globe, or which would break the system. Even 3% every day will make you 6x the present global wealth in two years, and 2% per day will get you 60% of the current crypto market cap.

As you can see, competitors who pay 10% will either provide you with 300,000 times the total wealth of the globe or break the system. Even 3% a day will get you 6x the present global wealth in two years, and 2% a day will get you 60% of the current crypto market cap.

We believe that 2% in highly bullish conditions(for very short period of times), 1% in good conditions, 0.5 percent in average conditions, and .3% in bearish conditions is sustainable. Anyone offering more than that risks a huge price drop, running out of money in their treasury, rug pulls, having to lower rewards, or, of course, controlling 99.99% of the world’s wealth in a few years. That last one is unlikely to happen.

Generally, such node-as-a-service or similar projects claim that their treasury will help them attain good farming yields, but they end up investing in Tomb/Strong/Ohm, or some other well-known initiative. Many of these projects have been started by setting up great marketing teams with little or no respect for the sustainability and finance of the project. These projects either charge extreme fees or have no transparency and make investments without a proper investment philosophy or fundamental analysis. This obviously leads to Ponzi schemes and just a bunch of people ‘playing around’ with people’s money or waiting to rug-pull. A typical hedge fund charges a 1% management fee and employs a team of professionals and researchers, and that is why they have been known to be efficient.

We strongly believe that most of the node projects that give constant ‘high’ returns are unsustainable and basically work on Ponzinomics. The community shall not be lured with such promises and put their hard-earned money in sustainable ecosystems. We at WealthIsle would not launch a product with unsustainable returns that are based on Ponzonomics and we have devised a way to generate sustainable returns for the members of our ecosystem. This is so that we can keep the community happy and we are not scared to accept that. But we would never indulge ourselves intentionally in the Ponzi schemes.

Critiques might think that the DAO ownership of assets makes the WealthIsle ecosystem predatory whales. What distinguishes us from VCs and whales are:

1. Collective ownership.

2. Shared revenue

3. Decentralization

We would also be having our own investment philosophy through which we would help us deliver the estimated yields. We will be the investment research team that the defi ecosystem is lacking. You can look up the credentials of one of the founders at We would create channels, bots, and infrastructure to support our ecosystem and forage for the best returns! First, we are here to set our ecosystem to start generating revenue. We would be sustainable, transparent, and consistent. More on our story and WealthIsle ecosystem below:


Our Story

We humans have a limited life span but infinite dreams. To achieve those dreams, we are constantly making small investments that can be considered granules of sand. We hope that one day we have enough granules of sand to convert these granules into an island of wealth and build our own castles on those islands and live a life that we have always dreamed of. We run our whole lives to achieve these dreams. Digital assets have made these dreams come true. We believe that it becomes difficult for an individual to achieve these goals, but we, as a community, can create an island together and reap the benefits together. This WealthIsle would have Lakes that would represent investments in various instruments or funds. So, the community as a whole would own WealthIsle, and individuals will have fractional ownerships in the Lakes. These Lakes will be maintained by the Spirits. Therefore, we bring you our product that helps you achieve your dreams, the WealthIsle ecosystem. The reason that this ecosystem is the need of the hour is that the barrier to entry that is present in many of the best-yielding assets in today’s crypto market is simply too high. It is either because of awareness or the cost of entry. For instance, a Gala Node that has good consistent yields has a barrier of $95,000, or a good real estate in Decentraland might cost more than $70,000. All is not rainbows in this ecosystem as we see a lot of rug pulls and unsustainable returns with high fees in this ecosystem. WealthIsle ecosystem lets you make responsible investments through various tools, including fractionalized investments in digital asset space and real-world asset space, specially curated portfolios, or new ventures through a community-managed launchpad. Unlike all other projects in the ecosystem, we do not promise constant ‘high’ and ‘unrealistic’ returns because we believe they are unsustainable but help you build an ecosystem in which you can have faith.

Therefore, our role would be that of custodians so that everything is community managed and the rug pulls become impossible. Ponzi schemes have become quite prevalent, especially in current node projects that are unsustainable in the long run. We want to act as trusted custodians in defi and digital asset management space. As custodians, our job would also be to make the investment decisions better and more efficient. For example, if someone has purchased a metaverse real estate in Decentraland, we would be able to create an ecosystem through which you would be able to rent that platform and create trust between lessors and lessees. The ecosystem would be created in such a way so that revenue for both asset owners and the custodians is incentivized and the community is inclined to find additional sources of revenue.

In our WealthIsle ecosystem, we forage for new investment opportunities every second through active community engagement. We wish to build a financial ecosystem so that real-world financial instruments could be brought into the defi space by creating meticulous Smart contract orchestrator systems to solve financial problems in a defi way. Just like an island, we wish to create a sustainable ecosystem on our WealthIsle ecosystem. We have worked on various principles of the proposed ecosystem and want to share this with our community and hence this article. First, let us delve into the roles that would be allocated to the people and talk about tokens and the NFT ecosystem. Specifics of the same would be explained in the subsequent articles. The people in the WealthIsle ecosystem would be termed Islanders. WealthIsle ecosystem endeavors to roam the crypto-verse in search of the sustainable and most reliable yields in order to make the pools out of them and bring the yield straight back to your wallet. We will explain more on the details of this product later.

Spirits: These Islanders would own a special NFT that the trusted individuals in the community would have access to the keys of the wallets that would be in the custody of the WealthIsle community. For now, only one such key exists held by Siddharth Dalmia, whose LinkedIn profile is accessible at It is further explained that the funds will be placed in a multi-wallet signature, and before the sale of the first batch of Chieftain NFTs, we will be handing out the multi-signature keys to the current advisors of WealthIsle. The Spirits will be elected by the community, and at the end of every 2 years, one person would be elected as a Spirit and would receive a Spirit NFT. The candidates would have to go through the KYC process and an interview before being appointed as the Spirit. The Spirit would have the key to the treasury and hence would play an important role in this ecosystem.

Chieftains: These NFTs would be purchasable through a designated platform to be revealed later. Initially, there will be limited such NFTs. The NFT holders would play an important role in making the WealthIsle ecosystem a true DAO. The Chieftains and Spirits together would always get small ownership in the treasury of the WealthIsle ecosystem. We hope to issue this NFT on a periodic basis to make this ecosystem truly DAO, but as the ecosystem grows, so would the demand for these NFTs.

Dwellers: The important Islanders who truly form the crux of the WealthIsle ecosystem that would play a crucial role in building the WealthIsle ecosystem. They would be the reason behind the overwhelming treasury reserves that we will have in the future.

Beneficiaries: The people who have ownerships in the rewards in the lakes that are created on the WealthIsle ecosystem.


Working of the WealthIsle and our first product- Unitize: Our first product Unitize lets us create Lakes of investment pools for a specific product. The Islanders (people in our ecosystem) would be responsible for running the operations as a community. For example, if a proposal is made by someone to run a Gala node on our ecosystem through a Lake. That person would be required to deposit certain WealthIsle tokens equivalent to $x in value. Firstly, it would have to be approved by the voting community subject to approval by at least 50% of the total votes. If the proposal is accepted, it would be listed through a mechanism in which it would be divided into pre-determined factors. So if it is costing $100,000 and it is divided into 100 factors, 1% would mean an investment of $1000 and this is the minimum ownership criteria. Therefore, investments would only be made in the factor of $1000 and NFTs would be issued against such ownership once the relevant sums are deposited. Once the funds are raised, the WealthIsle community takes up the task to add the Gala Node under its treasury and create appropriate mechanisms to run it efficiently. Other examples could include running BTC mining operations, FTM validator nodes, Real Estate investments, Portfolio management, or any other aim for which a fund might be accumulated. We, the Islanders work our best to ensure proper management and maintain the assets in the multi-signature wallets or ensure the compliances so that the Islanders can enjoy hassle-free profits. The profits would be earned on a commission basis for managing these pools and investments through the mandate delivered to us. The people who hold NFT for a particular Lake would be able to withdraw the money on the basis depending on the terms and properties mentioned. For example, the Lake might say that the accumulated Gala can be withdrawn on a monthly basis, so payouts would be monthly in the rewarding asset (Gala in this example). Payouts may be considered in WealthIsle tokens. There can be portfolios or Lakes that might aim to make investments in other lakes of the WealthIsle ecosystem and they can have their own separate DAO or mechanisms for the same that can be especially be curated for such people. The possibilities are endless and we together work hard to make this ecosystem decentralized and rewarding for all. This would help us enjoy our majestic WealthIsle ecosystem together. It is also clarified that after the Lake requirements are fulfilled, and appropriate funds are raised, the Islander who had made the proposal would be able to claim the initial $x or y% from the profits earned from the relevant Lake by the WealthIsle, whichever is preferred.

Token: The token holders of WealthIsle would have a certain value associated with them. The Tokens would represent the ownership in the WealthIsle ecosystem and our community Island. The Dwellers, Chieftains, token holders, and the Spirits together form the core of the WealthIsle community. So, every person who owns WealthIsle Token gets the benefit of the rewards reaped by the WealthIsle ecosystem. The utility of the token would be explained in the subsequent articles.

All the conditions and terms are subject to change with community voting. It is iterated that initially, extra Chieftain NFTs, and extra Spirit NFT(s)) would be minted for the founding team and z% of all the tokens would be reserved for the same. q% of the additional tokens would be reserved for the Advisors. The vesting schedule of the same would be explained later although the voting rights associated with the tokens and NFTs would be administrable from day 1. This is to ensure that the founding team is rewarded and the transition is smoothened. These NFTs would be used to pay the implementation team as well.

Unitize product of the WealthIsle ecosystem is a novel and simple way for those that simply cannot afford the exorbitant start-up costs, asset prices, or do not wish to constantly manage their digital asset investments. It is a means to fractionalize yield and allow the masses to have access to it without needing to break the bank on entry, which is massive for the majority of the world. Therefore, let us all grow together and build our WealthIsle ecosystem together! This is just an initial look at for our community; more on everything later! We will be coming out with detailed posts along with the implementation in the coming weeks. Sustainability, Transparency, and Consistency!

*All the numbers and figures in this article shall be considered for illustrative purposes only, and they are subject to change prior to the release of the Whitepaper. We want to build a community that can sustain itself; therefore, we will have to run necessary simulations against the same to come up with the perfect numerical values. Apart from that more roles can be allocated, and token allocation can be modified for the same. The Spirits are always working to ensure that Islanders get the best results out of the ecosystem.

For more updates, follow us on Twitter @wealthisle. Follow on Medium @WealthIsle. To explore our product(s), we will share the link of our website before 27th March 2022.

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